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Short Fusion Lavender in Polyamide Suplex

Short Fusion Lavender in Polyamide Suplex

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UV-protected fabric for your active lifestyle. Sun protection with every move.
Antibacterial Technology Keep your skin protected and fresh with our antibacterial fabric technology.

Short in high quality ribbed fabric, light shine and zero transparency.
It has material with excellent elasticity, beautiful cutouts and anatomical waistband with built-in elastic, making your look very stylish, safe and comfortable.
Perfect for you!

– Neon colors have low fastness. Therefore, the product may release ink if NEUTRAL SOAP (coconut) is not used and in abundant water;
– Wash separately;
– Do not soak under any circumstances, especially in little water;
– Wash with plenty of water;
– If the product has canvas/tulle, dress it gently.

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