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Legging Reaction

Legging Reaction

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UV-protected fabric for your active lifestyle. Sun protection with every move.
Antibacterial Technology Keep your skin protected and fresh with our antibacterial fabric technology.

P&B pants with continuous waistband and red details that design the garment. Innovative technology of super black fabric. Modeling: Leggings Fabrics: Velocity Super black: 77% polyester/23% elastane. An innovative technology with fabrics of maximum strength to any type of wash, which can be used together with white or light fabrics, without causing color migration. Zero transparency, does not fade, has aloe vera, UV protection and prevents the proliferation of bacteria. Fabrics: Maxxi White – 85% polyamide/15% elastane. Material with UV protection, blocking up to 98% of the entry of UVA and UVB rays, cold touch, low transparency and good compression.

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