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Black & White Chill Set

Black & White Chill Set

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UV-protected fabric for your active lifestyle. Sun protection with every move.
Antibacterial Technology Keep your skin protected and fresh with our antibacterial fabric technology.
Black Chill Cropped
White Chill Leggings

Cropped with cutout just below the bust that outlines the region and is highlighted by the satin sheen of cirrê opacity, bringing charm to the piece. Made with soft, lightweight fabric for cold training days and a cuff with thumb loop

Modeling: cropped
Fabrics: UV DRY – 90% polyester and 10% elastane – Fabric with a soft, cool and fluid touch. Dry technology that facilitates the evaporation of sweat and helps keep the body temperature regulated, in addition to UV50 + protection and antimicrobial fabric that prevents the proliferation of microorganisms responsible for perspiration odors.

White pants with contrasting black side cutouts. Tulle and canvas details on the hems and tying on the waistband. It has an inner lining to avoid marks.

Modeling: Leggings Pants
Fabrics:  Maxxi- 85% polyamide/15% elastane. Material with UV protection, blocking up to 98% of UVA and UVB rays, cool touch, low transparency and good compression.
Cutouts: Opacity – 91% polyester/8% elastane – Opacity – In addition to the slight shine, the material has UV protection and Dry technology, which facilitates sweat evaporation, transporting it out of the fabric and helping to maintain body temperature regulated, even in hot climates.

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